Confession: I Tried To Buy A Pair of Yeezys

A Yeezy Boost is a pricey Adidas sneaker designed by Kanye West.


I am not a huge fan of Kanye West. Generally, I like his music however I lack any interest at all for his over-the-top personality and self-absorption. I don’t care for his excessive lifestyle or his floating concert stage or anything else connected to the Kanye brand. While I may not be a Kanye believer, I do strongly believe in turning profits and positive returns on investments. Thus this weekend, I entered the crazy world of Kanye hype to secure a pair of Yeezys.

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My Favorite Coffee Shops in New York City


Inside of Grounded Coffee (source: insidenewyork)


I love Starbucks coffee, but I could never stay there. Stay as in, read a book or do some work or even talk to people. Something about Starbucks makes me want to take my coffee to go. Sure they try and welcome me by writing my name on their cup, but they’re not fooling me. They’re not fooling anyone. It’s still too impersonal, too rushed. When the barista wants you to leave as soon as possible and so do the customers waiting in line (so they can get their coffee faster), well then, the vibe becomes that you’ll want to leave as soon as possible. I would not want to stay where I’m not actually wanted. Plus, there are never any goddamn tables available anyway. Continue reading “My Favorite Coffee Shops in New York City”

Farewell My (So-Called) NYC Edge

How NYC has changed over the years. National September 11 Memorial.


Ten years ago I moved home to LA after living in New York City for almost six years. Transitioning to a life here in California was difficult. I didn’t want to give up my hard-earned skill sets which New Yorkers posses such as riding public transportation, walking (all the time), hailing a taxi, the hustle, bar/night life and even the sample sale battle moves. Admittedly, over these past years I have repeatedly been that annoying former New Yorker who always made somewhat obnoxious comparisons arguing New York City was far superior than LA. I was that annoying person who desperately wanted to ride LA city buses and subways to get around just to prove I didn’t need a car. I was that annoying person who complained about last call at 1:30am where in New York City, I could party to the sun came up. Continue reading “Farewell My (So-Called) NYC Edge”

Friends (the TV Show) vs Real Life

How did they live here?


I sometimes find myself walking around different neighborhoods in NYC and would wonder how much a one bedroom or a two bedroom apartment would cost there. Later when I’d get home, I’d look it up online, take a sip of water, then violently spit it out while muttering to myself, How the hell does anybody afford to live anywhere here? Is everyone in New York City a trust fund baby?   Continue reading “Friends (the TV Show) vs Real Life”

The R-Monster

You can hide from it all you want, but sooner or later, the R-Monster will catch up to you. Taken at Guillermo del Toro’s “At Home With Monsters” at the LACMA.


This past weekend, I had a chance to check out Guillermo del Toro’s “At Home with Monsters” exhibit at the LACMA. There were giant Frankenstein heads hanging on the wall, statues of fantastical fawn creatures greeting me at the entrance, old (looking) paintings of creepy old ladies staring at me from every angle, oddities left and right… overall, things were downright creepy in there. But amidst all of the weirdness, I couldn’t help but realize that what scared me the most about the entire thing was the fact that the scariest monster of them all wasn’t even in that room. No sirree, this monster isn’t visible to the naked eye; it’s one sort of creeps up on you over the years, and no matter how much you’re able to evade it when you’re younger, it eventually catches up to you until you find yourself staring at it point-blank in the face.

That monster is a little something I like to call Responsibility.

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Magic Art of Closet De-clutter

Magical closet cleaning?


For the last few months I set out to achieve one major OCD seasonal goal: clean out my closet. Over many many weeks, I slowly read (or more accurately skimmed with intention), The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. In summary, Kondo suggests during the act of ‘tidying up,’ ask yourself whether it be a book or a piece of clothing “Does this spark joy?”

Initially, I didn’t buy the whole ‘joy’ idea with I looked at my H&M tank top from two years ago. Seriously, would folding clothes spark a joy inside me? Using the Kondo method, I identified what sparks my joy and ultimately, I practiced an exercise of self-discovery.

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