This is the Tiny Desk Writers Bio.

FROM THE DESKS OF: Aiza, Nina, and Deo

Hi, World. We’re the Tiny Desk Writers.

tinydeskwriters_intro_photos copy 2
Yep, this is us. (We’ll let you guess who’s who.) Since we didn’t have a current photo together, we had to settle for these fantastic photos from our youth. At least our posing game was on point back in the day.

Before your imagination starts cooking up mental images of miniature people penning stories on very small writing surfaces, let’s just go ahead and explain who we actually are (read: NOT miniature people penning stories on very small writing surfaces, sadly).

We are three cousins who come from a ridiculously large, tight-knit family; equal parts Millennial, GenX, and Xennial, we bond over our shared interests in food, culture, travel, and experiences living on the best coasts (sorry, we can’t take sides in the East v. West battle; we love both).

About a month ago, we concurrently found ourselves approaching very different, yet similarly pivotal, junctures in our lives – and we decided that we wanted to navigate our ways through these junctures by documenting our stories, thoughts, and observations about life as we know it. Within hours of this realization, we picked a name, created this blog, and Tiny Desk Writers was born.

Each week, we’re aiming to leave you a series of notes from the tiny workspaces of our minds. We’ll mostly be writing from our home bases in Los Angeles and New York (although you may see us pop up in other parts of the world, too), touching upon anything and everything we notice in our world today: food finds, neighborhood gems, life hacks, cultural shifts, fashion rants, awkward moments, heartwarming anecdotes… the list goes on and on.

So, from our tiny desks to yours, we hope you enjoy our stories. Let the penning adventures and wild musings begin.


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