A Playlist for the Night Drives and Off Days

2015-08-27 22.57.24
Taking a night drive will get you to see things in another light. Maybe even in a blurry light, like in this photo. Taken on the other side of Downtown LA  in Chinatown, Los Angeles.


You know those times when you feel like things are just a little… off? You can’t seem to keep track of your phone, things at work seem to be spiraling out of control, you inexplicably feel weepy and insecure and lonely and possibly a little bit crazy… things like that?

Well, truth be told, this past week or so has been that for me. (Mercury Retrograde, anyone?)

So, in an effort to get my life together and spare everyone the ‘A Hot Mess Named Nina Show’ that was me these past few days, I decided to take a nice long drive to down to San Diego this weekend. And, miraculously enough, it helped a lot.

It’s a bit of a different view from Deo’s golden hour ride aboard the Pacific Surfliner, but I think that the night drive from San Diego to Los Angeles, paired with a good playlist, can be pretty good therapy for those times when you feel like things in general are just getting weird. I kind of see it as one long meditation: with your car as your own private space and the steady, consistent act of driving as your mantra, you have the freedom to be honest with your thoughts, let your mind wander, and think things through without inhibition. (As an added bonus: it’s also kind of fun to pretend you’re in starring in your own movie with your own soundtrack.)

Anyway, I’ve decided to share the playlist that somehow ended up (through catharsis, I suppose) pulling me out of the strange rut I hit this past week.

This playlist – which I’ve named “Dear Mercury Retrograde: WHY” – features a lot of what I like to call “underwater R&B.” Ethereal and fluid mixed with splashes of alternative rock and tidal waves of soul, this genre (that I quite possibly could have just made up) can take some getting used to. But it works for me as background music during deep states of contemplation.

A few disclaimers, as I know everyone has their own taste in music and this list may not be everyone’s cup of tea:

  1. There’s a lot of The Weeknd on this. (Sorry for those who are anti-The Weeknd)
  2. There’s a lot of new The Weeknd on this. (Sorry for those who are anti-new The Weeknd)
  3. There are explicit songs in this list. (Sorry, Mom and Dad and Elders and Young Ones etc.)
  4. It starts off a little bit dark, but I promise you, it does get lighter. Just give it a bit of time. (And if you’re impatient, just skip to Track 20. Things start looking up from there.)

Alright, that’s enough from me for now. I’ll see you all next week.


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