A Playlist for Spontaneous Reframing… and a Serious Backyard Concert

A Playlist for Spontaneous Reframing - 1
Spontaneous reframing: Reconsidering things in a positive light… but not quite knowing how exactly it happens.


Greetings, Everyone! Writing to you after a long day filled with lengthy phone calls, dizzying meetings, far too little sustenance, and far too much leftover iced coffee (don’t judge – I didn’t want to throw it away yesterday, ok?). I may be a little bit loopy as I type this. But here I go…

This week, I’ve been coming across a recurring theme that’s been leading me to more than one breakthrough in the past few days. It’s this concept of what I like to call “spontaneous reframing,” or reconsidering things in a positive light… but not really knowing exactly how or why this has suddenly happened.

To give you a few examples:

On Monday morning, when lack of sleep ordinarily plants this seed of dread in anticipation of another long week, I was inexplicably filled with all of this energy to start the day and ended up, like, exuberantly dancing around my room to an old playlist I had on Spotify. (I don’t know, I thought it was weird, too.)

Later that night, while staring at a paper I’d been fiddling with for months, I was struck with a light bulb moment that led me to editing the document into something with which I finally have full confidence.

And now, even this splitting headache that’s been lingering for the past couple of hours can’t keep me from feeling so thankful for being, well, me.

The weird part is, I can’t even explain how this reframing has happened. It’s… sort of just overcome me and helped me regain that little slice of self-confidence that I’d seemed to misplace in recent weeks.

Maybe it was the trippy floating session I had on Sunday. (More on that later.)

Maybe it’s The Big Guy Up There pushing me in the right direction, just in time for Lent.

Maybe it’s both: it could be The Big Guy Up There speaking to me through my wandering thoughts I had during my trippy floating sesh on Sunday.

But however it happened, I know it’s gotten me in the right mindset to strive for living the best version of myself again.

Now, I’m not about to tell you how to reframe because now that I’m writing this, I frankly don’t know how this happened. But what I can do is leave you with that Monday morning playlist that got me feeling some type of way and set the pace for this inexplicable resurgence of confidence. Who knows? Maybe the happy juice is in the music.

Anyway, a little bit about the playlist: it’s old, but I edited it down and renamed it “Spontaneous Reframing” in light of my strange mood this week. The selection is filled with lounge-y R&B, soul, hip-hop, and a sprinkle of pop; and I originally created it with this mental picture of my ideal backyard concert in mind.

Happy listening, happy reframing, and happy Ash Wednesday, y’all.


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