A Recipe for the Quintessential Angeleno Saturday Morning

An Ideal LA Morning - 1
You haven’t experienced LA unless you’ve hiked  your way to a scenic overlook and brunched afterwards on a sunny Saturday morning. Taken on Fern Dell Trail, at the bottom of Griffith Observatory in Los Feliz, Los Angeles, CA.


I used to think Saturdays were meant for sleeping in all day, binge watching cheesy movies, and snacking on donuts from my local donut shop down the street. Sometimes, they are perfect for just that (#aboutlastnight); recharging from a rough week is a real thing!

After college, however, I very quickly realized that by sleeping my way through all of Saturday, I was missing out on a key element of LA life: the Angeleno Saturday morning.

If you aren’t familiar, here is a basic recipe you can try to concoct an experience that encompasses this popular weekend phenomenon.

The Quintessential Angeleno Saturday Morning Serves: 1 or more


– 1 part hiking trail (best if it comes with a clearly marked trail and some “nature”)

– 2 parts “cute” workout clothes (bonus points if your trainers match your outfit)

– 3 parts brunch arrangements (best if it includes a meal with a caloric content that far exceeds the amount of energy expended on the hike)

– 1 bottle of water (for hydration, of course)

– 1 source of background sound (typically a phone filled with obnoxiously loud workout songs, headphones optional; however, this can be substituted with a group of young adults, typically aged 18 – 24, on whom to eavesdrop)

– 1 solid yoga pose (for photo opportunities)

– a pinch of bonus post-brunch plans, for garnish (optional)

– a handful stories from last night (optional)

STEP ONE. Combine hiking trail, workout clothes, background sound source until you’ve reached the peak of your hike. If you get thirsty, drink from bottle of water as needed. If you get tired, discuss stories/gossip from last night to distract yourself, or if you haven’t made brunch arrangements yet, devise your plan at this time. Or just plain skip to the brunch.

An Ideal LA Morning - 1
It’s key to pick a trail that’s marked, but has enough dirt and plants to look like you are “at one with nature.”. Taken at Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, CA.

Ferndell Trail, Griffith Observatory:

STEP TWO. Incorporate yoga pose into the mix and have a friend take the photo, so you can post to your Instagram with an inspirational quote about how you #loveyourlife and #loveLA.

Tip: Runyon Canyon has free yoga at the trail head every morning. If you go, you can get all introspective on a rock on top of the hill like this guy. Check their Facebook page, Runyon Canyon YOGA, for more details. (Source: Facebook.com/runyon-canyon-yoga)

Runyon Canyon YOGA: 1865 N Fuller Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90048

STEP THREE. Transfer all ingredients to a venue where brunch happens. Spend the rest of your day there, taking extra care to eat away all the calories you’ve just expended on your hike because “you worked out and deserve a treat.” Sprinkle with some post-brunch plans (such as a cute neighborhood stroll or ceramics painting studio session) for garnish.

An Ideal LA Morning - 2
Freshly-squeezed orange juice at Alcove, one of the cutest brunch spots in LA with the most beautiful couples.
An Ideal LA Morning - 3
Angeleno Brunch: an excessively large breakfast after a light hike. Taken at Alcove  in Los Feliz, Los Angeles, CA.

Alcove Café & Bakery: 1929 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027


An Ideal LA Morning - 4
Sprinkle some bonus post-brunch plans, for extra fun. Like a spontaneous ceramics painting studio session at Glaze Fire in Los Feliz.

GLAZE FIRE: 1937 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027 (It’s pretty much right next to Alcove)


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