Useless Disneyland Observations from a 30+ Year Old


An interesting “California Adventure” for me.

As a person in my mid to late 30’s who is single with no kids, Disneyland has zero appeal to me. But this past weekend, my sister’s family and I took our parents to the “Happiest Place on Earth” to celebrate my dad’s birthday. Seriously, I can’t even remember the last time my immediate family went to an amusement park together (maybe when I was 9?). I can’t really remember the last time I even went to Disneyland.

Admittedly, when my family first moved to California from Chicago, Disneyland was one of the best places. Moreover, Disneyland was an especially fun place during my middle and high school years. My high school grad night was held at Disneyland. Let me just say, the bands playing the years I went included Hi-Five (Kissing Game, great song from the 90’s) and Color Me Badd! Now that was a high school grad night line-up to brag about.

Maybe it’s age, arrogance or my personal life experiences, but this trip to Disneyland felt and looked completely different than all the years before.


Whoa. It’s really expensive to go to Disneyland. Luckily my sister found a hookup to help with the price. A major factor with agreeing to go to Disneyland was the reduced price. Visiting one park costs $99. Access to California Adventure plus Disneyland runs about $156. For one (1) adult. For real, that is way too much to spend. No wonder people take their visit to Disneyland that serious. It’s an investment.

Disney California Adventure

Saturday was the first time I ever visited California Adventure. I thought it might be huge park. It’s really not, though. I actually appreciated this side of the park because it isn’t nearly as busy. I suppose the whole California theme is interesting. It felt really campy (which I like) with the unexpected twist of old California vibes.

Disney Junior-Live on Stage

Yep. I sat through a Mickey Mouse live show. When I was younger, I probably sat through one of these shows purely for 30 minutes of a/c and a brief break to take a nap. For some context, the night before Disneyland, I saw Deadpool and loved it. I didn’t feel the same love during this puppet show with Doc McStuffins. See next section on alcohol.

Churros and Sangria

The perfect (much needed) mid-day Disney treat.

After a couple hours, my sister, brother-in-law and myself agreed we needed a drink involving alcohol. I never thought I would be the type of person that would drink at an amusement park, but dang, I needed it. Note: I think only California Adventure sells alcohol drinks.

 Wait. Can we talk about the price of a churro? Why is a churro $1 at Costco but around $4 at Disneyland?


Stroller honor system. Amazing.

The stroller situation at Disneyland is real. More surprising, the stroller parking lot is based on an honor system! My niece and nephew’s stroller is crazy expensive. How are strollers not stolen?

I decided Disneyland is made up of strollers sprinkled with rides here and there.

Disneyland Attire

An interesting “California Adventure” for me.

I don’t get it. I never will. My apologies if I offend anyone.

Disney Parades

Never actually sat through one of these before. Growing up, we always thought parade and fireworks meant ride lines were slightly less crowded. However, sharing my niece and nephew’s joy during the show was so worth it.

Although I will not go back to Disneyland anytime soon, spending the day with my family meant everything. I get why parents suffer through crazy parking situations long lines, expensive food and so forth for their children. It’s not where you go; it’s the company you keep.

Now, if I could just get the song ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialiidocious’ out of my head already.


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