Flight Therapy


Yes, but how does it make you feel?


I want to introduce you to my therapist. His first name is Jet, and his last name is Blue—and he’s very good at making me feel better.

You see, for several weeks now, I’ve felt like a sad hermit (or at least, more of a sad hermit than I usually am). I’m kind of like this around this time: I call it my winter hibernation. I don’t like going out, mostly because going out means being cold and wet and not getting enough sleep. I don’t feel like talking to people either. It’s exhausting hearing about everyone’s problems.

It must be the season because I definitely wasn’t this way last fall. Back then, I wanted to connect with people, you know? I wanted witty banter and great conversations and shared emotional connections. I wanted to have more courage and dare greatly. Lately though, I just want to rest. It may be that I’m burned out, or maybe it’s that I don’t really have anything to look forward to. Looking ahead, with no plans, makes everything feel kind of… pointless. So, I decided to seek help. I decided to book a Flight Therapy session.

Here is why Flight Therapy is always so effective for me:


After booking a flight, my motivation will suddenly kick in. I’ll think to myself, I’m going somewhere warm where people will see me with less clothing so I need to start looking better. Now I must exercise and eat healthy. What the hell is the SIRT diet? You mean, drinking wine and eating chocolate everyday is a good idea? Sign me up.


Okay, so if I’m going there, I’m going to need new… shirts, swimming shorts, sunglasses, all kinds of useless gear, and who knows what else, but at least now my mind is thinking about happy thoughts instead of ruminating on how much I wanted to deck that guy for blocking the door on the subway earlier.


When I know I have a trip coming up, I am grateful to have the means to take a trip when so many people have never even left their hometown. I’m grateful that I have fun people in my life to get out of here with. I’m especially grateful for the chance to have new life experiences. Who am I kidding? I’m grateful that I have any plans at all other than falling asleep to Ancient Aliens.


Indifference is power, and when I know I have a trip coming up, my tolerance for stress suddenly becomes very high because I can tell myself, whatever, I’ll be leaving soon, this doesn’t bother me. Normally, when faced with stress, I would be like, oh my god it’s going to be like this everyday, I’m going to deck somebody in the subway!


Trips make me think about photography and how I want to take pictures there and how when I get back, I’ll have something to edit and make pretty. It also makes me think about books I want to read.

Time Management

A big reason why people go out on New Year’s Eve is just for the thrill of the countdown. I think this applies to counting down your to my flights.

A lot of therapeutic modalities will preach those aforementioned reasons, but I have to say, Flight Therapy really works best for me.



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