Sippin’ on Humble Juice While Hiking Black Star Canyon Falls

Hiking to Black Star Canyon Falls. These rocks are not as easy to climb as they may look.


The other weekend, a friend and I did a search of Orange County hikes and decided to try Black Star Canyon Falls. I thought how fun would it be to see a waterfall, get a scenery change for a Sunday afternoon and get some sun. From the quick read of the limited online reviews, I thought the hike was around 2 miles and might take a couple hours tops. Um. I should have read more slowly and with detail.

The walk itself from the parking area to the start of the Black Star Canyon trail is 2 miles on its own. After this lengthy warm up, I took a big gulp of humble juice, started our mini adventure and let my mind wander:

  1. I’m clumsy and not very graceful. I lack any skills at all when it comes to jumping from rock to rock across a creek. Further, I can’t jump far. I am only about 5’ tall. In my mind, I believe I possess a far longer jump but realistically, I don’t. I need to stop thinking I do and just face facts. What some people can do in one jump will take me 2-3 jumps.
  1. Luckily I went on a hike with a friend that planned ahead with some snacks and water. Generally, I give myself credit and praise for thinking I’m a planner but I guess really I’m not. I need to keep surrounding myself around people who anticipate all possible scenarios.
  1. As a result of my limited jumping skills, my feet landed in pools of water. I hate wet socks. It is my #1 pet peeve in the world. Walking in wet socks sucks. You walk and walk with squishy socks. Your feet feel damp and sticky. During this hike I remembered the exact reason why wet socks are my #1 pet peeve. By the way, I constantly missed rocks and landed in water multiple times during this hike. The wet socks torture never ended.
  1. I have avoided poison oak most of my life. This hike had tons of poison oak and I know I was falling in it over and over. How I didn’t get a rash is a somewhat mystery to me. Mental note: look up pictures of poison oak and etch it into memory for any possible future exposure.
  1. California really does have beautiful landscape. Next time, I need to spend time to take in a moment instead of complaining about damn wet socks in my head.
  1. I’m not a rock climber. This hike had some relatively larger rocks that I did not expect at all. No more hikes with climbing rocks for me.
  1. At times, I did want to just stop and turn around. Some of the rocks were so large I just couldn’t figure out how we would get around it. But once I commit to completing a task, I have to prove I can go the whole way. Also, when I’m out with another person, I have too much pride to quit. I probably need to take a look at why I’m so prideful at some point in the future and get over myself.
  1. The waterfall at the top of the hike looked more like a trickling water faucet than anything. Hmm. At least I can say I did the hike and come home with a story? Sometimes an experience won’t be everything I expected but I’ll appreciate the moment and the good company regardless. Might take me few days, but I will.
  1. I own a pair Nike Trainers but I now embrace the fact that I have these shoes for fashion over function. The trainers were definitely useful but seeing my favorite sneakers all muddy and wet (from landing in water repeatedly) irked me. I hope Jason Markk services are legit so I can save these sneakers.
  1. I slide down rocks waaay better than I climb rocks.
Can you see the waterfall in this picture? Neither can I.

After the pretty challenging hike up and back from the waterfall you still have another 2-mile return walk to the car. The last 2 miles were not fun at all. It felt as though we would never get home. What I thought would be a couple hours hiking 2 miles ended up taking over 4 hours and was about 6.6 miles!

Scenery walking the two miles back to the car.

Black Star Canyon


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