The Case of the Daiso Shopping Spree


For the past few days, I have been fighting this nasty bug going around because apparently LA can’t decide when she wants El Niño to come sweep her off her feet (c’mon, LA, make up your mind already!). And I gotta say – it is really cramping my style. (So much for “social renaissance“…)

Fortunately, I have found a silver lining in the situation. In between downing turmeric-and-ginger elixirs and delicious Medicine Balls from Starbucks (shout-out to my cousin Anna for tipping me off to those – thanks, Anna!), I have now found a use for the 30-pack of masks I impluse-purchased at Daiso earlier this year.

Which brings me to my topic of the week: the case of the Daiso shopping spree.

For those of you unfamiliar with Daiso Japan, it is a 100-yen shop that is kind of like Japan’s equivalent to the American dollar store… and it is an impulse shopper’s nightmare paradise. With ingenious contraptions, delicious snacks, and clean packaging, Daiso’s product selection pretty much blows Dollar Tree, the 99-Cent Store, and anything of its other American counterparts out of the water. (Take that, Dusty Candy Bar Section at 99 Cents Only…)

I took my first solo trip to Daiso earlier this year to grab some essentials for my first visit to the Philippines. Honestly, I probably should have been supervised on this shopping trip because I am pretty sure I came out with at least three times more than what was needed. Let me just walk you through the kind of damage this place can make you do.

I submit thee to the contents of my Daiso shopping bag.

Daiso Shopping Spree - 1
This looks like a lot more than just essentials.

What is all of this stuff, you ask? Well… let me just run down the list of items, beginning with the items I originally sought out to acquire, and you can see juuuuuuust how quickly things got out of hand.

  1. 16-pack of tissue packets: Needed for the Asia bathroom travel pouch (because you never know when you’ll encounter a place with no toilet paper). Check.
  2. 2-pack of wet wipes: Needed for the same reason I needed #1 (because sometimes you need backup to toilet tissue). Check.
  3. Cat cup: Needed… ish, according to Aiza’s Philippines survival kit. Probably could have done with or without this, and maybe I could have even just brought one from home. Or bought a pack of plastic cups. But it was cute, it had a lid, and it was only a buck and a half. Cat cup: acquired.
  4. 30-pack of pink surgical masks: So maybe I only needed, like, five masks, tops. But why have five when you could have thirty? These come in handy for when allergies or bugs strike. Also, they’re pink, so… *throws in bag*
  5. 5-pack of disposable women’s underwear: Now, I am still not sure how this will come in handy. Do they even offer much coverage…? But curiosity got the best of me, and somehow these made it into my basket, too. (So far these bad boys have not yet made it out of the package.)
  6. Sports bra: One look at this ribbed, non-supportive bra thing, and I know it will offer neither support nor shaping. But some crackpot idea is cooking in my mind that this will make some sort of outfit somewhere cute. Support-less sports bra makes it into the basket.
  7. Chococones: Do I ever really need these snacks… Heart says yes. Grabbed.
  8. Chocolate-Banana Pocky: See #7.
  9. Sweet Corn Pretz: See #7 & #8… also Sweet Corn as a flavor? 100% yes.
  10. Present bags with gold twist-ties: You never know when you’ll need to give a small goody bag to someone… somewhere… obviously, this is a necessity. Let me buy three of these.
  11. 3-pack surgical gloves: Because cleaning is a thing that happens every so often. Taking three of these packs, just in case.
  12. Drain net: Wait, I totally needed this at one point in my life… and it’s only a $1.50… Yes, I must have this, too.
  13. Steel sponges: These will come in handy for scrubbing… anything. I’m sold.
  14. Dry erase markers: Do my dry erase markers still work? Yes? Does that matter? No? Okay… let’s just grab these, just in case.
  15. Hair catch: I think this could be useful at some point. Ooh, cute shade of blue. I’m sure I’ll use this…
  16. White foam board: This will be good for taking product shots, right…? Right? Do I have any products I will need to shoot anytime soon? Irrelevant. Taking this, too.

So, what was the final damage? Looking at this list, I can only pinpoint three items that were originally listed on my shopping list. Which means… more than 80% of my total loot from this trip was purchased completely on impulse. Daiso, you sly devil, you…

Ah well… I regret nothing. Not even the cat cup. (Well, especially not the cat cup.)

Okay, I’m off to bed now before I get another crazy idea to write about something else mediocre like the thoughts I have while sipping my morning coffee. That actually doesn’t sound like a terrible idea, come to think of it…

OK NO, SORRY. STOPPING NOW. Smell ya later (like, y’know, when I can actually smell again).


1 thought on “The Case of the Daiso Shopping Spree”

  1. This sounds like a place I wanna visit. It’s kinda like the first time I went to Seafood City and came home with 3 flavors of Pocky sticks and several packages of those dinner rolls with cheddar cheese sprinkled on top. There was seafood, too, I guess. A cat cup, huh? I want one!


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