A Playlist for the Laundromat


You spin me right round, baby, right round.

One of my least favorite activities EVER is doing laundry in my apartment building. I feel like my clothes never really get all that much cleaner in our machines, and I get this weird anxiety walking to the machines thinking about whether they are occupied, if the person using them before me took out their laundry (seriously, why don’t people keep track of these things?!), whether the machine is actually working, etc.

Strangely enough, going to the laundromat is a different story. This past weekend I spent a good chunk of my Saturday at one, and between the people-watching and down time waiting around for your load to finish, I think I might actually despise the process less there than at my apartment. It’s kind of therapeutic sitting there and listening to the humming of the machines, shutting everything out just for a little while.

That said… it is also the perfect place to practice entertaining yourself in an utterly and completely boring place for a couple of hours. Here are some of the ways I entertained myself this past weekend at good ol’ Third Street Cleaners:

  1. Discovered Snapchat lenses… and then proceeded to test all of them and harass my Snapchat friends with a slew of snap selfies on my Story
  2. Imagined all of the laundry machine doors were secret passageways to other worlds (hey, that would be a good fantasy story… I should write that)
  3. Read a fascinating New York Times article my friend posted (thanks for sharing, Kandice!) about what it’s like to work in Hollywood (*if you’re not a straight white man)
  4. Considered bringing a flask of… milk (I didn’t follow through, but this was a fantastic idea a friend of mine had that I may need to adopt one day)
  5. Thought of songs that are perfectly synced to the cycle of a washing machine

And on that note, I  can’t just list #5 without posting a playlist comprised of these songs. Here’s another playlist to entertain you the next time you have to do laundry.

(I apologize in advance for “Work” and all of the random 80s songs you’ll find on here; they just popped into my head while watching the machine, I’m sorry!)


Anyway, this list should last you about a load or two. Listen to it while watching your clothes spin round and round and round… or while watching this GIF.


I know you neeeeed… to get done, done, done…

Happy laundering!


2 thoughts on “A Playlist for the Laundromat”

  1. Really liked this article. Reminded me of the early days of my marriage when we had to take our clothes to the laundromat. Also, I’m easily hypnotized by GIFs, so it’s got that, too!


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