Trend Alert: Anything Filipino

From the Desk of: Aiza

Apologies in advance. Maybe this photo is only funny to Filipinos.

Instead of trying to get all politically correct or make some kind of profound social commentary about being Filipino-American, I just want to discuss this growing trend of Filipino inspired cuisine. Yes. We know Filipinos can deejay, but get excited foodies we have some exciting culinary talents to contribute!

Current Favorite: Amboy

Presentation Grade: A+

Repeat. I’ve mentioned Amboy before in a previous post and I’m mentioning it again. I LOVE this place. I’ve been here multiple times already. I’m slightly obsessed with the pork belly (which really is lechon kawali but sounds so hip when referred as ‘pork belly’). Only lunch is served at this restaurant’s little window located in the Far East Plaza in Chinatown. I give Amboy serious points for food presentation as well. No Filipino foods in a Styrofoam take out containers here.

Current Intrigue: LASA

Located in the same Far East Plaza space, LASA is doing some pretty interesting Filipino cuisine. LASA serves a rotating tasting menu that also includes a vegan option. So, for all those folks that can’t get down with the Filipinos love of anything pork, here you go. I had a chance to try out this place a couple weeks ago and interestingly enough, I think I may have been the only Filipino person there other than the chefs and staff. It’s exciting to see non-Filipinos trending on our food.

Current Pleasant Surprise: Café 86

Ube cupcake with leche flan and ube truffles. Everything ube!!

I need to get out more because I didn’t know that ube desserts were even a thing. But visit this café right in Old Town Pasadena and you will find some really interesting coffees and desserts. I didn’t get to try the halo-halo bread pudding but I am going back eventually to check it out. Did I mention that I love ube ice cream and a café with ube milkshakes might just be made exactly for me?

Current Local Rotation: RiceBar

RiceBar is right down the street from my apartment. It’s a very small place but gets super packed for lunch. Here you will find simple tasty Filipino dishes incorporating various types of rice (hence the name, get it?). And I have to say, the staff plays some really good ambiance music too. All 90’s hip hop favorites. Nothing makes me happier than good music+good lunch+walking distance.


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