Sleep Aids for the Wired

photo: Jack Brauer;


In the very few times that I have gone camping or backpacking, it always surprised me how great my sleep was despite having no bed or any modern comforts. Perhaps because the entire day was spent hiking or doing some kind of strenuous physical activity that 9pm often felt like 2am—with my entire body falling asleep the minute I lay down. Despite the regular habit of sleeping late, camping made me fall asleep only a couple hours after the sun went down. This makes sense—there have been a lot of studies showing how camping resets your biological clock allowing you to go to sleep and wake up earlier. Unfortunately, sleeping early is hard to come by in civilization. There are too many distractions: all manner of lights and noises and gadgets and Netflix shows pretty much guarantee I’ll be wired till close to midnight or later. Continue reading “Sleep Aids for the Wired”