Wandering Thoughts While Hiking Abalone Cove Trail

Hiking in Palos Verdes. A must.

From the Desk of: Aiza

Instead of trying a hike to reach a waterfall, the idea of a day along the ocean seems to be a much better plan. You always knew the views at Palos Verdes were stunning but finally taking a hike in this area allowed a chance to really take it all in.

What is it about hikes that somehow make your mind wander so much? Did the movie Wild inspire you for some reason?

  1. Damn you really are clumsy at times. Admittedly, the steep decline to the beach and the sandy trail requires coordination. Moreover, walking on rocks actually really hurt the soles of your feet. Good job though on not slipping into any of the tide pools. You kept your socks dry this time around.

    All these rocks may make your feet ache eventually. Don’t underestimate it.
  2. Why do you wear the good sneakers? Yes, it’s fashionable and relatively comfortable but you can’t get all angry when the shoes get all dirty. For real, this week get your sneakers cleaned up at Jason Markk or buy another pair for random outdoor activity.
  3. Hiking with a poet is so awesome. Who explains the sounds of the ocean crashing into cave rocks as the sounds of giants closing doors? Only a poet can articulate the beauty of views in exactly the way that you feel in your bones

    Caves along the trail.
  4. Wear sunblock next time. Duh.
  5. Proof yet again: California is beautiful.
  6. It’s not where you go but the company you keep. You are lucky to have such amazing people in your life. Be grateful.
  7. You need to come back here and bring lunch next time. Ocean views and lunch? Hello!

    One of the many trails in Palos Verde.
  8. Why don’t you know how many miles you walked? Maybe you need a Fitbit.
  9. You live so close to the ocean. Don’t get caught up in the hustle of the city, get out more.
  10. There is volcanic rock in Palos Verde? What? You really don’t know much anything about California geology. Stop frontin’.

    Lessons in California geology.

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