Q&A Banker Style with Patrick Rosal

Patrick Rosal book launch at Search to Involve Pilipino Americans (SIPA). March 2016.


My very dear friend, Patrick Rosal, made a rare visit to LA last month. While in town he held a launch for his fourth book of poetry, Brooklyn Antediluvan. Over the years, Patrick has done interviews for this and that and probably been asked a breadth of probing and deep questions about his art, craft and so on. Instead of a typical Q&A, for our little session I pulled questions directly from a technical banker/finance interview guide.

Disclosure: Pat was a great sport to indulge me with this interview attempt. Since I never conducted a Q&A before, I actually forgot to record our conversation. For the record the following are not direct quotes. I tried my hardest to take accurate notes between drinks . However, as always the words that come out of Pat’s mouth are so incredible I just get lost in his answers and lost track of writing everything exactly down. No matter how hard I try, I will never perfectly capture his actual tone and delivery. Pat brings out the beauty of even the most simple banker questions.

Location: Seven Grand-DTLA; Drink of Choice: Bulleit


What class did you dislike most growing up?

-Hated chemistry. Not really the content though because chemistry is amazing. However, back in those days did not like memorizing.

What was your GPA and SAT score?

SAT score: 1040

High School GPA: 3.2

Rutgers GPA: 1.6

Bloomfield College GPA: 3.85

Where do you think you need to improve?

-Financial balance between discretionary spending and managing existing debt. There is a grey area between the two and prioritizing.

What company do you admire?

-Local Asian grocer Sun Seng. The store offers a great product selection of fruits, fresh vegetables, fish, dumplings and sausage. Customers go beyond the Asian community.

Do you get stage fright? (not a banker question)

-All the time.

Walk me through a poem.

During the summer Pat will work on his next book. He will bring his journals filled with fragments, dreams, images and interesting phrases. All that stuff in his journals, all those pages will go somewhere. As he starts writing, he will pick out those images, quotes, dreams and grab it to form a new relationship and discover connections.

What is a lifestyle issue for a writer?

-Money. Poverty to be exact.

Patrick Rosal is always dancing.

Brooklyn Antediluvian will be released May 3, 2016. Buy it.

My favorite poem, ‘Brokeheart: Just Like That’- Sometimes sadness is just/what comes between the dancing.



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