Sunday Funday at Brooklyn Botanic Garden



A little thing I love about spring is when I’m walking past familiar neighborhoods and notice a little more green on a tree that wasnt there the day before. Then, a day, a few days, a week later, I’ll notice a lot more green, a lot more petals, and a lot more color. In this unseasonably warm spring, there is no place better to feel the bloom than the Brooklyn Botanic Garden–especially during the later weeks of April and early May where the cherry blossoms are in full season.


The Cherry Esplanade area of the Garden is the best place to go on a Sunday if you want to take an afternoon nap. It’s only $6 if you carry an old student ID and pretend you’re still a student. Bonus points if you can sneak in a bottle of wine with you. I don’t think the fancy plant snobs inside will mind. It is Brooklyn afterall. Then take a long walk through the Japanese garden and the rest of the park.


After the Garden, might as well make it a Sunday Funday. Walk down on Eastern Parkway and head to the neighborhood of Crown Heights. The last time I was in this neighborhood, I felt a tension from the process of gentrification. Now though, it’s fully gentrified and feels like Williamsburg. I’m not sure I like it. It feels wierd being this far out in Brooklyn and feel like it Manhattan.


It’s Sunday Funday and you’ll be right in time for happy hour and dollar oysters at Mayfield Restaurant. Yummers.

And afterwards, while you’re already in the mood for shellfish, continue on to Cafe Rue Dix and get the plate of mussels. It comes with Belgian fries. The broth on the mussels is amazing and I just learned you’re supposed to dip the fries in the broth. Oddly enough it pairs great with micheladas.


That’s it for this week. Full disclosure: I’m blogging straight from my phone and I may or may not be inebriated.



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