I love butter. I mean seriously love butter. Although I do not necessarily know the entire process of butter production or what actually goes into making butter, I do consider myself somewhat of a butter connoisseur of sorts. ‘Bread and butter’ is my ultimate comfort food. Our relationship traces back to elementary school days when my mom worked late and my sister and I would get home in the early afternoon. My mom would always call to make sure we arrived home safely. Every time I complained about being hungry, my mom would respond simply, “There’s bread. There’s butter.” According to Mom’s logic, as long as there was bread (likely pandesal) and butter in the house, I should be good.

From childhood to adulthood my love for butter continued. When I was really broke, I used to just pig out on the free bread and butter at a restaurant so I could take my dinner home as leftover and eat as my meal the next day. Two for one special!

For me nothing beats soft bread and easily spreadable butter. Admittedly, I internally rate restaurants based on their bread and butter game. If I ever start Yelping, I’m totally going to center my reviews just on bread and butter. Now of course, I recognize all the arguments about carbs this and carbs that. While I should care more I just can’t seem to cut bread or butter out of my life. More importantly, I don’t want to.

Anyone who really knows me knows that I love butter. I just aim to share with others around me (and the world) the joy of soft bread and tasty butter. Last week, my Florence travel team sent me pictures and description of some butter they recently discovered. Why did I get so excited to see this butter? Finally, I have people down for my quest to find the best butter in the world! You read it right here, I’m starting a movement dedicated to bread and butter.

Delicious Italian butter.

When I went to Florence, everyday we bought a fresh baguette at the local grocery. Throughout the day, I would whip out this good ole’ butter and make myself a mini treat. I contemplated wrapping this butter up and taking it back on the plane with me but I’m not sure about all these dairy/agriculture rules when traveling back to the US. During my trip, I slightly feared that I would end up eating this entire block of butter by myself in just 3 days. Now that I think about it though, I wish I did eat this entire block of butter in just 3 days because I haven’t had such good butter since Italy. Europeans know what’s up with butter.

My Florence travel buddies shared with me some butter they had recently. We ended up having an entire chat dedicated to butter.

A few years ago, my family and I took a tour visiting churches throughout France (another story in itself). My cousins and I were the youngest on this tour and could never beat the seniors to the included early morning breakfast. Since we were late getting up us three often missed breakfast all together. Always hungry, before I would step on the bus for the long day on the road, I would wrap up some croissants or whatever bread was offered and grab some packets of butter. This wasn’t some fancy butter either, probably some generic equivalent. But this was some great butter compared to whatever I bought back home in California. On our long bus rides, I stored bread and butter in my jacket pocket like it was change for a parking meter. Whenever hunger hit, I took out my bread and butter and I was set. My Mom’s logic worked!

This obsession with butter lead me to keep a running list of my favorite places for ultimate butter and bread combinations:

Cheesecake Factory

The basket of table bread and butter here makes trip to Cheesecake Factory one of my nearby favorites.

Lucille’s BBQ

Biscuits and apple butter. I always try to take some extra home as leftover the next day.

Bottega Louie

Everyone I ever bring to Bottega Louie is somehow pleasantly surprised at the table bread and butter. The bread is not the softest but the butter is just perfect. Some might say I’m hyping it up but I’m not.


I haven’t been to Norms in ages. I want to go back though because the way they butter the white bread there is unlike any other diner style I ever been. What is it? What do they do? Can I take tutorial?

Parker’s House-Boston

During a work dinner with colleagues out in Boston, I tried Parker House rolls and the table butter. Changed. My. Life.

Throughout dinner, I attempted to maintain some sort of decorum and not get greedy with wanting more and more table bread especially around colleagues. I don’t remember what I had for dinner that night but I highly highly recommend this place any time you are out in Boston. I can’t wait to one day go back. And I will.

The search for the best butter will never end.


4 thoughts on “Bread+Butter”

  1. After reading this I immediately had to have a slice of bread with butter! I love the idea of reviewing just one aspect of a restaurant, such the bread and butter offering. Outstanding article!


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