Cold Battle: I Lost

Possible cold remedies.


During this tough week I have been battling a cold that definitely knocked me out. Everyone has suggestions on how to get over the cough, runny nose and sleepless nights. I am pretty certain I probably tried everything under the sun but truth is I didn’t quite find the answer. Of course, I know healing takes time. However, I am the type of person that wants an instant solution in all situations.

 Since I couldn’t sleep at night from all my coughing, I found tons of time to research suggested cold remedies and ultimately try everything:

 Go To Urgent Care.

I live among a family of medical professionals. Urgent Care is the go to solution for any ailment. As soon I realized I was sick and likely did not have seasonal allergies, I went straight to Urgent Care. My goal was antibiotics but I was instead given the explanation that I had a virus not bacterial infection, blah blah blah. AND If I still feel sick after a week or so to come back in (and spend another co-pay).

 Last week the Today show did this segment about the overuse of antibiotics. Easily persuaded, the segment convinced me that I would not try the antibiotics route. I stuck to that game plan and instead tried everything but antibiotics.


This over the counter medication seems to work pretty decent. Not fully sure though because I did keep coughing uncontrollably throughout the day. However, I was warned that taking this mediation in the late evening could result in insomnia. Since all I ever wish for is a good night of sleep, I stayed away from Mucinex anytime after Noon.

 ProAir RespiClick.

I was prescribed this medication, which I think is similar to an asthma pump. Don’t rely on me though for the details on its actual medical function and use. I do believe this works somehow or maybe I just want to believe that every time I take a puff that something magical is happening in my lungs and that instant relief will come around. It doesn’t. But I still keep trying twice a day for the last week that maybe the next puff will be the cure.


I placed all my bets that one dose of Codeine would solve all my problems and that I would finally get the much-needed night of rest. Complete opposite. My night cough was so horrible that I could not sleep at all. I would sleep for ten minutes and then Bam. A coughing fit. So not only did I have coughing fits but I also was droopy from the codeine. Basically I never got any sleep at all and walked around in a daze. Basically, I haven’t slept in over a week. Thanks codeine. You are useless (except maybe for Sizzurp in a red cup for Lil’ Wayne).

 Cough Drops.

Duh. Cough drops are so helpful. I can’t believe I overlooked this little bit of heaven. As it turns out, my coworker heard me coughing in my office and threw me some cough drops. Embarrassing? Yes. But these work.

 Sleep Up-Right.

During one of my all night cough fests, I Google searched a list of ideas for a good night of rest while battling a cough. To combat the post nasal drip, the Internet recommends sleeping upright, at an angle. I tried all the different suggested upright positions and although not the most comfortable, I will say sleeping up right somewhat helps. ‘Somewhat’ being the key word.

 Spicy Food.

I read online that spicy food might help to clear up sinus issues. I don’t do well with spicy food but after over a week of sleepless nights and coughing fits, I desperately tried anything. One lunch, I ate a slightly spicy Indian lunch. I’m not sure if it worked but my lunch was tasty.

 Humidifier and Vicks Vapo Steam.

My aunt recommended a humidifier over a week ago. What a mistake to not take her advice earlier. A few days ago I went ahead and bought a humidifier and some Vicks Vapo Steam. I use this all night. Although my apartment smells like a Lola right now, I will say there is a very calming scent throughout my place. Who knows if this humidifier helps me sleep better but I’m going to have faith that it does.

 Vicks Vapo Rub.

Image 1

This little jar holds my best friend. Throughout the night, I hold this jar as I sleep for instant relief. While a child may hold a blankie or a teddy bear, I keep Vicks Vapo Rub clutched in my hands.

 Chicken Lugaw aka Arroz Caldo aka Filipino Healing Soup.

Image 3
Filipino food to save the day!

It may be the ginger but chicken lugaw always hits the spot. Everything about this dish works. The ginger soothes the throat, the chicken nourishes you, the aroma reminds you of your Mom when you are young. It’s the most perfect dish when you are sick.

 Tea and Water.

Yes. As everyone probably knows, tea and tons of water help. I am now a believer.

 Last night I had about 4 hours of straight sleep (FINALLY!). I tried all of the above suggested remedies at a variety of different times during the week. But like all situations, time also heals!


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