Best Study Spots in L.A. Area

2014-01-11 10.52.24 copy
I wish I could re-create this study environment again.


This past month I started to actively study for a test scheduled at the end of July. Since I don’t have a student ID card to access the local university libraries, I am in a constant quest to find a place to study where I can remain focused, motivated and inspired.

Admittedly, I easily allow my mind to wander so Google searching recommended study locations instead of actually learning test material is a perfect distraction. If I only exerted as much effort into actually reviewing my test notes as I do to mapping potential study locations, I would be in decent shape for my July test. I don’t have a progress update on my personal study efforts but instead can share below a summary review of my attempt to visit the “Best Study Spots” in hopes of discovering divine inspiration.

Home (aka your place)

I have the worst luck studying at home. Every time I try I quickly fall asleep. I don’t know what it is about my couch but it just screams: Sit here. Take a nap. Be completely useless today. For some reason I’m allergic to my desk. I just cannot stay focused in my apartment. I buy Dunkin’ Donuts down the street for some caffeine pick me up. Useless. Instead I end up falling asleep and remain restless all night from the late coffee run. Yet, I still try with hopes that one day I will get a good productive evening right here in the comforts of my own home.

Cerritos Library

The city of Cerritos has an amazing library especially if you are a resident of Cerritos. For the rest of us non-residents, we can use the cubicles or desk but no access to Wi-Fi. Lack of Internet can be a blessing though when you are trying to focus and avoid looking up useless information on your phone or answer text messages. To utilize the full privileges of the Cerritos Library, non-residents have to pay a $100 fee. But I totally get why Cerritos is so strict with their library. It’s beautiful. The bathrooms are clean. The desks are clean. It feels safe. See LA Library comments below.

What’s even better about going down to Cerritos to study? Filipino restaurants for lunch!


I uncovered this Koreatown spot on Yelp. It’s a pretty decent place to study from my one-time experience. Really quiet, clean, free Wi-Fi and literally #notalking is strictly enforced. Nobody is talking here. For $2/hour you can just utilize one of the individual desks and stay focused. You may bring your own coffee/drinks and buy some snacks from the receptionist. What’s great about studying here? No pressure to buy expensive coffee and drinks just to kick it and nobody hovers around you waiting to grab your table for themselves. Another plus: #notalking has parking spaces!

Bricks and Scones

This cute café in Larchmont is a great study location alternative but tables/desk space can get quite competitive as the day goes on. The tasty drinks and food can get pricey here but I do like everything on the menu. Be aware though, this location can get a little noisy with the conversations so bring some headphones.

Insomnia Café

I always love Insomnia Café. It was my go-to spot when I lived in the Miracle Mile. This place can sometimes get crowded but more often than not you can find a seat here. Also, Insomnia Café is open pretty late usually at least until midnight. Remember: Cash only for coffee, limited pastries and small menu items. Parking in this area sucks.

LA Public Libraries

While convenient, I think the LA libraries can be pretty nasty. I purposely won’t go into too much detail but the DTLA Main Library’s bathrooms are generally gross, everything feels ‘sticky’ and desks seem grimy. I just can’t sit here comfortably. As a positive, the DTLA library has a great, remodeled stationary store (I love stationary stores) to distract you with gift ideas and greeting card inspiration.

2014-02-16 09.13.57
My ideal study set up. However, I haven’t quite found it yet outside of an actual university library.

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