Texting Hidden Gems to Watch on Netflix

source: toovia.com


Lately, searching for good things to watch on Netflix has been such a chore. So much so that by the time I find something that will make me say, oh that might be good, I’d have already wasted enough time to the point where I’d stay up too late and not get enough sleep if I had watched it. After being paralyzed by my indecision, what ends up happening is that I abandon Netflix entirely, go on youtube, and fall asleep to some nature documentary. Sad!

I miss the days of knowing something was good and being satisfied after having watched it. The best part about finding some of these movies is always that it stays with you long after you’ve watched it. I still remember the feeling I got after watching Chungking Express (no longer streaming). I was blown away by how novel and gorgeous it was to watch and how much fun it was to watch it. That was five years ago.

I also miss the days of somebody who’s judgment I trusted just texting me what to watch and knowing that it will be good. No indecision, no wasting entire nights endlessly scrolling through titles, no reading reviews, just a simple: hey go watch this one! With that said, the following movies are still streaming. Let me text you to go watch them!


Will pull your heart strings the entire time. Plus Ewan McGregor and Melanie Laurent are adorbs.

Metro Manila:

Amazing and surprising and suspenseful. Can’t miss the ending. Manila looks gorgeous and I hate Manila.

L’Auberge Espagnole:

This is what it truly feels like to study or spend time abroad. No other movie has captured it like this. Also, Romain Duris and Audrey Tautou, hello!


Jam packed with stars. Based on Roy Choi’s life. Pretty fun and good music.

Le Chef:

Such a stupid French movie. I love it.

Maiden Trip:

Documentary about a 14 year old girl who sails around the world. I never thought I could look up to a little girl, but she’s amazing. I’m buying a sailboat.


Australian outback on a camel. She crosses the whole thing. Stunning cinematography.

Under the Same Moon:

Watch this if you like crying. But seriously it’s about a boy trying to cross the border and make it back to his mom in America.

13 Assassins:

Takashi Miike’s best movie. Violence has never been so beautiful.  

Cartel Land:

Documentary about towns people fighting back against the cartels. But it gets better than that.


There used to be a lot of great French romcoms on Netflix. They’re not streaming anymore. This is one of the last. Love the look, especially since it’s France in the 60’s.



Hidden low budget SciFi movie. So good. Director is also set to direct Star Wars Rogue One. Have no doubt that movie will be awesome.


Roman Holiday

My favorite Audrey Hepburn movie.


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