Hotel Window Shopping: A Five Star Life

The Carlyle


Window-shopping: (Verb) The activity of looking at the goods displayed in shop windows, especially without intending to buy anything.

Used in a sentence: “Window shopping is the favorite pastime of all New Yorkers”

Everybody copes with stress (or perhaps downtime) a little differently. For some people, window shopping is a good way to deal with stress. For others, like the candle from Beauty and the Beast, well he says that if you’re stressed, it’s fine dining we suggest. For me though, I suggest hotel window shopping. It’s exactly like window shopping, but for hotels.

You see, for the last few months or so, I have finally accumulated enough credit card points that I can now put it to good use. On some days I would spend part of the afternoon dreaming about staying in five star hotel rooms. The whole thing becomes so much more pleasurable to fantasize when you know it’s free. The same mechanism that makes window shopping fun—knowing that you can actually get it later—is now applied to five star hotels. Up until now, five star hotels were just expensive places that would be an unnecessary waste of money. I mean why do five stars when a normal hotel room would do? It was not even worth thinking about. But now I that I have enough points, it feels different. I can stay anywhere and actually make it happen—and New York just so happens to have the best hotels in the world, all within walking distance.

Hotels are also the perfect way to have a staycation. Early next month, a bunch of family will be coming over for my cousins wedding. They will all be staying in hotels in downtown Manhattan. This has given me an extra drive to go hotel window shopping. I have Chase Sapphire preferred and would log on to the ultimate rewards and travel section. From there, I can use filters to pick out hotels (or flights and other rewards). Let me show you in pictures what I mean.

Smyth Hotel (Tribeca)


Ritz-Carlton (Battery Park)


The Pierre (Central Park East)

Pierre, rotunda

The Conrad (Battery Park)


The Peninsula (Midtown)


Waldorf Astoria (Midtown)


There are a lot more but I have run out of time. I suggest you get Chase Sapphire and start collecting points but only through my recommendations (because I earn big bonus points for it).





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