Best Meals at Bestia



Living in DTLA allows me close proximity to trendy, popular bars and restaurants. I’m thankful and always eager to try any new place. A few months ago, I finally went to Bestia and loved it. I totally get the hype. The other day, I was lucky enough to try the ever-changing menu yet again.

The location of Bestia reminds me of Dumbo, Brooklyn. I’m not exactly sure what it is. Maybe it is the industrial buildings of the area, its remoteness or maybe the random HD Buttercup across the way? All I know is that every time I’m in this part of town, I feel as though I’m stepping into a slightly different world.

And then I walk up and enter a space of food heaven. Remind me again. This is LA, right?

Everything about Bestia impresses me: the 90’s playlist, the sommelier+his classic Nikes, the views of the open kitchen, the waiters’ notebook to take menu orders and on and on. I’m all about details and appreciate the small particulars at Bestia.

Zweigelt (1 li)

Super size wine me!

I mentioned the oh-so-cool sommelier, right? I feel fancy speaking to him and I literally have no clue what I’m talking about but I enjoy my perpetrating moments. We asked for a wine suggestion within a reasonable price. Not only did we find a bottle that quote: “pairs wells with everything on the menu” (YES!) but also seems to be the wine bottle super sized version. Bang for your buck and this ain’t no two buck chuck! I know it’s not an accomplishment to finish a bottle of wine yet secretly I’m always proud to reach the end of the bottle. I need to rethink my accomplishment logic eventually.

Charred White Corn. smoked sea urchin bottarga. chives.

Surprisingly a good amount of food.

When scanning the menu I saw the word ‘sea urchin’ and thought why not try it. I had no clue what bottarga was until writing up this entry. Now I feel extra fancy. While I still think Café Habana carries my favorite corn dish, this version gave me an appreciation for corn dishes.

Grilled Calamari. carrot puree. Purslane. cherry tomatoes. basil, aged balsamic.

Not one bite wasted.

I know. I know. Calamari? Be more daring, right? Thing is I know that the best seafood will be served on the weekends. Fancy restaurants will find the freshest fish for weekend diners. I had to try it. I loved it. Since every ingredient is placed on the dish for a reason, I didn’t want to leave any bit lonely. The cherry tomatoes juiced with flavor. Never ate purslane before. Purslane is not only beautiful but tasty drenched in carrot puree.

Margherita. san marzano tomatoes. mozzarella.basil.olive oil.sea salt.

Perfected classics.

Last time at Bestia, we went a bit more daring with the pizza selection. So this time around I thought why not see how Bestia works the classics. I’m not mad.

Agnolotti all’Agnello. saffron pasta parcel.braised lamb.burro fuso.grana padano.pine nuts.currants.

Can you see the currants?

Sold me with ‘currants.’ Don’t the ingredients for this dish read like pasta art if there was such a thing as pasta art? Let me just tell you, Bestia is known for their pasta. This pasta dish was perfectly delicious, delicate and filled with flavor.

Panna Cotta

Dessert of course.

Count on me to always leave room for dessert. Despite fasting all day to prep for the Bestia dinner, I was stuffed on corn, calamari, pizza and lamb. Lately I’m on a panna cotta kick. Since I know that Bestia is known for the desserts, I thought let’s see how panna cotta is done here. What a way to end the meal. The fresh strawberries and butter cookie brought together all the flavors in a tiny spoonful. The dessert was just the perfect size too because if I ate anything else I thought my dress might rip from a full stomach.


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