On The Jersey Shore

Bradley  Beach


I’ve been wrong about the Jersey Shore. For years now, I’ve always thought of it as a place where douchebags and guidos hang out (thanks a lot MTV). Until last weekend, my initial reaction when thinking about the shore has always been “Ew”. After having visited though, I’ve changed my mind. The Jersey Shore is pretty awesome and is a great place to continue my quest in becoming a beached whale.

A few things I learned about it as a New York City resident:

It’s Really Easy to Get There

I thought it would be a complete trek to get there. Local beaches in New York, like the Rockaways are such a trek to get to. You have to take the A-Train and then take another shuttle. For being further away than some beaches in New York, it’s surprisingly easy to get to. Direct train rides from Penn Station to many towns in the shore are only about an hour and a half, give or take thirty minutes depending on what part of the shore you’re going to.

Confirms That Train Rides Have Always Been For Drinking

I’ve always loved long train rides. Unlike the subway trains which can sometimes be over-crowded, stressful, and sometimes downright gross, train rides have always been enjoyable. In this great piece by Danya Sherman, she makes a point that trains are like a public space, or better yet, “placeless places”—autonomous zones where societal rules are reinterpreted. The piece adds “unlike planes, trains foster a sense of appreciation and curiosity about the landscapes through which they pass, which in turn help passengers develop a deeper connection to place.” From my experience, trains have always been a place where complete strangers can share a common goal of just going somewhere and at the same time appreciation where they are. It’s also a place where it’s okay to bring bottles of beer or wine and start drinking—like a moving bar. In the train to the shore, half the train is drinking, and it feels a little bit like what Europe felt like.

There is a Lot of Shore

There is about 18 miles of the Jersey Shore spanning multiple counties encompassing around 60 towns. That means there are many places where it’s not all about clubs and boardwalks and guidos and Trump supporters—sometimes it’s just a peaceful beach, which is really all I want to be at.

So much easier now with AirbnB

Bradley Beach

It’s really cheap to AirBnB a beach house when there are enough people that go. Weekend getaways are so much easier for it.

Lifeguards Take Their Job Really Seriously

While swimming far out, I got caught in a ripe tide. I swam back but was not gaining much. The lifeguards quickly ran after me like it was Baywatch or something. However, when they got to me I was already standing. They held me anyway at which point I was like, “dude I’m already standing” and he was all like “yeah but I legally have to do it and make you hold.” Thanks for saving my life, guy.


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