Game of Thrones… Please Don’t Go!

I heart Jon Snow.


I admit, I didn’t start watching Game of Thrones (GoT) until after Season 5. I’m not a person who typically enjoys television or movie time periods pieces involving knights, castles, horses or dragons or zombies. Not my thing. Over the years I would hear about this mysterious Game of Thrones and its awesomeness but snobby me, I ignored the hype. Of course friends and strangers offered annoying recommendations/suggestions around, You will LOVE it. You don’t know me, how do you know I will love it?

Well sometime last year, I randomly watched the Season 5 ‘Hardhome’ episode: HOOKED.

Who were these Whitewalkers? Why was Jon Snow so hot? I needed to know the answers so I binged five seasons straight of Game of Thrones in about 10 days. During this time period I rushed home from work to watch episode after episode after episode. I even took a break from actual socializing. Geek out moment-I attended a particular pool party where I basically locked myself in the guest room to watch GoT on my phone app instead of hanging out. I lived and breathed GoT. At times, I may have thought I lived in Westeros and had nightmares with Cersi Lanister! Only took me 5 seasons but I totally understood all the random GoT references and inside jokes. Finally I could actively participate in GoT conversations instead of zoning out in boredom. I drank the Kool-aid and loved it.

*Suggestions for newbies: Watching every episode back to back helped me really piece together storylines and themes. More importantly, I think waiting to join the GoT fan based until Season 5 was a smart move on my end because I didn’t wait long periods of time for each season to come around.

However after Sunday’s finale (what an episode!), I feel a void. I have to wait another year for weekly episode analysis, funny tweets, academic-ish fan theories, lunch room dissections, GoT group chats and more?! I joined this GoT party late but now I’m here impatiently waiting for next season. Countdown. Bring on the dragons!


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