Useless Lessons From DMV Visit(s)

My view for 2 hours. Waiting. Waiting.


Due to my own lack of attention, my driver’s license expired the other week. I kept procrastinating and paid the price over a period of two annoying visits to the DMV. While waiting hours for my number to be called, I found enough time to create this useless list of regrets and random thoughts.

  1. Make an appointment weeks in advance. I tried scheduling a visit for the DMV near downtown LA. The earliest available time? Mid July? No way. In my so-called wisdom, I decided to instead find a less busy DMV in the Southern California area and just wait. If I could do it all differently, I would make an appointment.
  2. Do not go to the DMV on a Monday morning. You might end up waiting over 2 hours with no results and then just need to find another location on Tuesday. You have no one to blame but yourself for this situation.
  3. Do you really need a new photo? Not necessary.
  4. The DMV estimated wait time located on the location website probably is not accurate when it says there is only a 30 minute wait. At least double the wait time.
  5. All the horror stories about DMV are rooted in some truth. Re-watch the Broad City episode where Abby goes to the hell of DMV for an accurate description of DMV visits.
  6. The DMV is a stressful place. Everyone around you equally did not have the foresight to make an appointment so pretty much the entire waiting room is filled with people anxious, rushed, and with little patience.
  7. It’s hard to keep your headphones on to block out the crowd noise when slowly waiting to hear your number called.
  8. Look closely where you choose to sit while waiting. I saw summer sweat on a seat. Eew. Someone else’s body perspiration on my skin!!
  9. You can renew online if you have the DMV letter. Duh. Look out for the DMV letter.
  10. Thank goodness for Internet on our phones at municipal offices. What a world we live in to have easily accessible distraction while waiting for ‘G327’ to be called.

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