Marathon Dancing, Doop De Doo

Prospect Park


There has been an unusual amount of rain in New York this summer—and its been kind of bumming me out. It has already cancelled so many plans (albeit, most of those plans really just involve being outside—but still). Keeping up with Aiza’s post about free or cheap things to do in New York City—one of my favorite things about summer are the free movies in the park. There are several places you can do this, including: Brooklyn Bridge Park, Central Park, Bryant Park, and various rooftops in the city. Yesterday, Prospect Park was playing The Triplets of Belleville with a live score from the movie’s composers, Benoit Charest and Jessica Fichot. Of course, rain came once again, but this time, we weren’t going to let that stop us. It was Bastille Day after all—and that means taking on a little bit of resistance, even if the oppressor is rain.

Right around five o’clock, an enormous dark cloud began sweeping through New York City, swallowing the skyline whole. The plan was to head to Prospect Park after work, bring a bottle of wine, baguettes and cheese. The rain was pouring outside my office window and I was sure another plan would be ruined. Luckily, it was a flash thunderstorm, which meant the sky cleared up after.

First thing is first, getting a drink after work. I met with a couple friends at Robert Bar, a cozy little place on Boerum Hill for happy hour. After a couple glasses of wine, it was time to head to Prospect Park. But first, baguettes, wine, and cheese. We walked down Smith Street—the main street in Boerum Hill/Carol Gardens where restaurants and shops and bars are. The goal was to find said food, but we weren’t able to find any. Wine was easy, but baguettes and cheese are much harder to find when you need it. Chinese take out was a suggestion but it didn’t seem appropriate. For a second, a pizza pie was also considered, but it also didn’t felt right. Thai? No way, that can’t work. Movies are like wine themselves—they need to be paired right. After almost giving in and just going to the grocery store, I spotted Stinky Cheese . Inside is an assortment of cheeses, prosciutto, and of course, little wee baguettes.

Taking the F Train to 7th Ave, we headed to the park. The movie was in an enclosed area so there was a line snaked around the entrance and onto the street. It was humid and we were already tipsy with a bottle of wine in my bag. On the line, a staff member yelled out “No alcohol.” We immediately had to down most of the bottle while in line. Not the best idea, but really what was the alternative? I poured the rest in a paper cup and went inside.

Inside, a make shift theater with live music before the movie. Found a seat next on the grass. It was still a little wet from the rain, but we were determined. Viva la resistance. Triplets of Belleville is a gorgeous animated movie. It is almost entirely silent with the score composed of jazzy guitars and horns and a uniquely French visual effects driving the entire film. Even better that the composer was actually there with a big band to score the entire film live.

There is a little bit of mud on my clothes, but it is worth it. Viva la resistance.


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