Me+Philz = Foreva’

Philz, so glad to finally meet you.


Dear Philz Coffee,

How is that you opened up a location in my DTLA area over a year ago but we just started our relationship in the last few weeks? Yes, I heard all the great rumors and suggestions about your amazing coffee but for some reason I still stayed away. Maybe I couldn’t seem to believe all your hype? Or maybe I am lazy about walking the couple blocks for a small $3+ coffee? Or maybe I was slightly intimidated with fancy/hipster coffee talk? On the real, I’m just a simple woman who utilizes the office Keurig more than anything so this whole pour over coffee thing is completely brand new to me.

But a mere three weeks ago, we met and my coffee intake hasn’t been the same since. I didn’t quite understand what to expect with your offered selections. I decided to try a basic pour over as opposed to this much talked about Mint Mojito Iced Coffee. I figured, let’s start at the basics and determine if we should even build a future relationship together.

The barista kindly and ever so patiently walked me through the menu, Philz process and presented suggestions where I might start. I agreed to a light roast New Manhattan purely based on the pretty description –Cinnamon, Citrus, Cherry- and the word ‘Manhattan.’

How do you like your coffee? 

Let’s be real, in my unsophisticated coffee world nothing pleased me more than a Dunkin’ Donuts “Light and Sweet.” The barista’s question through me off guard because no one really ever asks me what I want and seems to really be listening.

Light in color but not too sweet, please.

Philz, on this day, I saw first hand the care which  each coffee is prepared.

New Manhattan for Aiza.

From my first sip that sunny warm Saturday afternoon, my world changed. Why is your ice cubes so perfect? Why did the barista make a version of “Light and Sweet” that redefined the way I understand “Light and Sweet?” Why haven’t I stepped foot in a Dunkin’ Donuts in weeks? Why have I gone three times a week for the last three weeks to your DTLA location? Why do I look for other Philz coffee locations to try? Why do I want to get your app off Itunes? Why does your DTLA location rock such good music? Why a paper cup?

Honestly Philz, I just can’t seem to get enough of your tasty coffee. On my multiple visits I tried different items on the menu: Sumatra Decaf is delicious. Mocha Tesora is delicious. Gingersnap Iced Coffee is delicious. Mint Mojito Iced Coffee equally delicious. Every drink is delicious.

From your coffee, I’m a new person. I now appreciate the joy of a good coffee in ways I never expected. Philz, you opened a new world to me and I’m excited at the possibilities.

Let’s toast to the beginning of a beautiful relationship.


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