It’s Like Butter Baby

All things butter, including Butter Cookies!


After reading Deo’s post last week, I figured out that I’m a fan of the Faileo diet too. My love of butter really contributes to my success rate. Yesterday, I wanted butter cookies so took a ride down to Little Tokyo just to eat cookies. Not just one either. I purposely got dressed, gassed up my car and drove about a mile to eat a cookie with a recipe that likely calls for 1 cup of butter. Holy cow. One (1) whole cup?

Previously, I dedicated a post to butter. Today, I dedicate a post to an extension of that love- Butter Cookies.

Salerno Butter Cookies


When we lived in Chicago, my sister and I took piano lessons at Baldwin Music School at the Oakbrook mall. As a short cut we used to walk through the Walgreens from the parking lot and pass candies and cookies. On certain occasions, my parents would buy us some cookies and I chose butter cookies. I would place cookies on each of my little fingers like rings and just chomp away. Obviously, all things butter including butter cookies has played a consistent role in my life.

Royal Dansk


Honestly, initially I did not remember the name of these cookies. Instead, I Google searched butter cookies+blue tin. Back in Chicago, these cookies would randomly show up at our house or on the dessert table at different family parties. I associated the cookies as a treat or pasalubong. I still remember opening this tin up and hoping chocolate cookies would magically appear but no luck. All the cookies in this tin are in different styles/shapes but basically taste the same. Although there would be no chocolate cookies, as a kid I’d still happily eat as many of these “fancy” butter cookies as I could.

Solvang Butter Cookies


I used to take trips up the central coast and often stopped in Solvang, CA. Solvang is a cute tourist spot with great food for those determined to succeed on the Faileo diet. All the bakeries sell butter cookies, chocolates and more snacks to make you feel bad about yourself but oh-so-good at the same time. Here, you can find a tub of butter cookies. Yep. A tub of cookies. Should the words “tub” and “cookies” go together? Nevertheless, I think Solvang butter cookies are the best.

Four Leaf- Little Tokyo


Among the snacks and milk teas, Four Leaf in Little Tokyo gives out a free butter cookie sample. Of course, I can’t stop with a sample though because I end up buying 3 more to eat there and take home for later. I’m going to be real and accept that I’ll be back again next weekend to celebrate Nisei week. More butter cookies for me!

“With enough butter, anything is good”- Julia Child.


2 thoughts on “It’s Like Butter Baby”

  1. As soon as I saw the first picture of a cookie, I HAD to have one. Luckily, I keep a stash here in my desk drawer at work!! I wonder, though, can it be luck if I purposely put it there for just such occasions?


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