A Fantastical Place / An Amalgam of Pretty Things

A postcard from my dreams. Part of it looks like the Algarve, Portugal. Image via Pinterest


You know those dreams you have that are so vivid, you just can’t shake them? And then you’re dying to find those images again, only to realize that those exact images won’t perfectly match up to how you saw them in your sleep?

This has happened to me on several occasions, but a few nights ago, I dreamt of one place that seemed so real, I can’t help but think I may actually see it one day. The problem is, I’m not entirely sure it truly exists in real life.

In an attempt to “speak this place into reality”, if you will, here is what this fantastical place in my mind looks like.


It’s about 4:30 in the afternoon. I’m standing in a dimly-lit swimming pool filled with warm, crystal-clear water, in a house that embodies both the tranquil solitude of the Greek Isles* and the vibrant, playful spirit of Mexico City*.

*I should disclose the fact that I’ve been to neither the Greek Isles nor Mexico City. But based on the images I’ve seen in books, magazines, and the Interweb, I imagine this place looks and feels a lot like these destinations.

The water in this swimming pool is crystal-clear… sort of like the water in this cave pool in Santorini, Greece. Image via DesignRulz

The snapshot of this place in my mind was mentally taken at almost exactly this same angle. La Cuadra San Cristóbal de Luis Barragán, Distrito Federal, México. Image via The New York Times

The house. Holy cow, this house is gorgeous. Spanish Revival arcades, earthy materials, and modern lines are recurring themes in this house that looks like the product of a passion project by Luis Barragán, Frank Gehry, Antoni Gaudí, and Arcanum Architecture. It’s peaceful in this place, but there’s something oddly seductive about it. Aesthetically, the house is earthy and minimalist, but speckled with hints of a rich history and layers of character. I find myself looking out into nature beneath archways quite often.

A vague rendition of the pool in my dreams.

The pool, the sandstone bar, and some random strong dude. The swimming pool is dimly lit and filled with water that trickles in continuously from some sort of natural spring. It’s clean, crystal-clear, and feels absolutely divine around my ankles. As I look to my left, my friend is sitting across the pool at a bar made of solid sandstone. Behind her stands an extremely strong-looking guy who looks like a cross between Javier Bardem and Gerard Butler with a towel wrapped around his waist, waiting to dip into the pool. I find neither of those actors attractive, but for some reason, this dude looked pretty good in my dream.

The bar featured a sandstone slab, but I don’t quite remember how exactly it was incorporated into the overall design. I think it looked something like this bar at the Samovar Tea Bar in San Francisco, CA. Image via The Cool Hunter
Okay, so this is kind of an eyesore. But hey, gotta stay true to my dream.

The Spanish arcades and a most unusual system of irrigation. The pool was lined with a freestanding wall of Spanish archways made from sandstone (again with the Spanish arcades, but they were, for whatever reason, a pretty common element in this dream), and underneath these archways flowed the natural spring water from the pool, into an outdoor fountain, under the ground, and down a waterfall. (Don’t ask me about the irrigation system in this dream because I wouldn’t be able to explain how it works. Or if it even works at all.)

This is the closest thing I could get to finding an image of the archways in my dream. Image via Plac-e

The view… and more on the irrigation system (but more romantic this time). If I look beyond the arcades and fountain, I’ll see that I’m on a hilltop, overlooking a majestic landscape streaked with gossamer clouds and green-speckled mountains. To the right is a waterfall, which falls down alongside the mountain and is embellished with Moorish tiles and spouts that resemble the skylights in La Pedrera.

The skylights in La Pedrera very closely resemble the side of the mountain where the natural springs dropped down into a majestic waterfall. Image via Wikipedia

My eyes follow the path of the water, heading straight for the ground below me. In any other circumstance, this would be a terrifying sight; but I don’t even notice, because I’m in the most beautiful place in the corner of my mind.

This angle is kind of where I saw the waterfall in my dream. There’s no water in this pic of Bagan, Burma, but the lighting is preeeettyyy close. Image via Afar Media


Reading this post again, I realize that this must be really freakin’ weird. But I am telling  you – this scene was so vivid in my head, I’m almost convinced I will see it someday. The wanderlust is so real!


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