Confession: I Tried To Buy A Pair of Yeezys

A Yeezy Boost is a pricey Adidas sneaker designed by Kanye West.


I am not a huge fan of Kanye West. Generally, I like his music however I lack any interest at all for his over-the-top personality and self-absorption. I don’t care for his excessive lifestyle or his floating concert stage or anything else connected to the Kanye brand. While I may not be a Kanye believer, I do strongly believe in turning profits and positive returns on investments. Thus this weekend, I entered the crazy world of Kanye hype to secure a pair of Yeezys.

I have always appreciated a good pair of sneakers. I admit my shallow self rates guys on their sneaker game. Many poor decisions (and some good ones) have been purely based on a dude’s shoes. All that said, I never quite fully bought into the whole sneaker craze of standing in line for a pair of limited releases. Camping out in front of a store overnight for a pair of Jordans? Um. No thank you. Although always curious, I didn’t spend energy going too deep into sneaker culture. Until I saw the re-sale price of a size 4 Yeezys at $1,400+.

Let’s be clear: I pay attention to 400% profit margins.

Like any proper investment opportunity, I needed to conduct thorough due diligence for the September 24 release of the Yeezy Boost 350 V2. My preparation required research, running comps and reviewing detailed historical background in the sneaker re-sale world.

I started by reading online articles centering around best resale sites, how to resale, where to resale. My research also involved visiting consignment stores such as Flight Club and RIF LA to physically look at potential prices and products. From my cursory research, I decided sneaker investments could be a potential moneymaker so I committed to the Yeezy movement.

On advice of a true sneaker head, I first downloaded the Adidas Confirmed app and signed up to be eligible to reserve the Yeezy Boost. Just reserve. Not buy. Just reserve. Reservations opened up at 1pm PST on a Wednesday. Creating more hype, the Confirmed App sends out notifications explaining the process, the countdown and basically sets up to manage one’s expectations by letting you know the chance of you scoring a reservation for the Yeezy likely won’t happen. But good luck anyways. In my opinion a reservation is best compared to a golden ticket to the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory.

Notifications explaining the Yeezy boost reservation process.

On that Wednesday reservation day, I powered up my phone all morning to guarantee I would avoid any battery issues and I even took an early lunch in order to “prepare” for the Yeezy countdown. Preparation only involves tapping the button in the app. Nevertheless, I wanted to be prepared. The moment finally arrived for my chance at 400% profits. My heart raced. The Adidas Confirmed notification wished me luck and I went to finger tapping work. In that split second when the Yeezy reservation list opened, I failed to tap fast enough. All the Yeezy reservations were gone within seconds. Acquiring these sneakers would be much harder than I expected.

Despite failing to secure a golden ticket straight to an Adidas store, I still had one more chance to purchase the Yeezys available only on a few websites selling the sneakers at 7am PST on Saturday. Web releases were available on Eastbay, Footlocker, Champs, Kicks USA and I was determined to get these freakin’ shoes.

The virtual line.

On Saturday, I woke up extra early to set up my computer work space, pulled out my credit card, opened up multiple tabs on my computer screen for each available website and closely watched the clock to prepare for my prompt start at exactly the moment the Yeezy would be released to the public online. Again, my heart raced. At exactly 7am, I set to work. Between the website crashes, constant frustration, disbelief and disappointment, I spent close to two hours trying to secure a pair of Yeezy Boost online. No luck. Again.

With any investment opportunity, you have to accept when the deal just won’t work. As a result, my hopes of 400%+ profit disappeared by 8:30am. I accepted defeat and bitterly walked away from my computer. Clearly, I’m still a rookie in this fast paced sneaker game.

No 400% profit for me today.

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