Day Trippin’: Claremont, California


Claremont Village.

The city of Claremont is located about 32 miles east of Downtown, Los Angeles. Personally, I always categorized Claremont as a semi- Inland Empire town, which basically means I never really gave it much credit. Let’s be real, the I.E. isn’t a top destination trip for LA folks. [For the record, I’m allowed to make such a snotty comment because my formative high school and college years were out in Riverside. Yo. I’m still reppin’ the “909”] After visiting this small city a couple times over the last weeks, I now can say that Claremont is actually a pleasant surprise!

Scattered throughout Claremont, one finds lush tree lined streets comprised of Victorian style homes with charming wrap around porches, sweet bungalows and adorable Spanish abodes. Known for the prestigious Claremont colleges, the city’s village area also has a Main Street USA feel. For a city snob like myself, Claremont reminded me to get outside of my comfort zone to discover California beyond a 5 mile radius.

Some Crust Bakery

Cupcakes, Danishes, Cakes, Cookies and More!

Of course, I had to find the best baked goods Claremont had to offer. Some Crust Bakery, located right in the heart of the downtown area doesn’t disappoint. Stop here for a gigantic pastry or cupcake if you have time.


Tocaja is a great stop for tea and coffee. For anyone looking for a cute study spot or quiet space to read, I recommend checking this place out.

Kick Back Jack’s

Breakfast Skillets. Photo credit: Foodspotting

I searched Yelp for the best breakfast in Claremont and came across Kick Back Jack’s. The restaurant looks as though it used to be a Denny’s that was bought out and converted into a new breakfast joint. Well, this is no Denny’s because the breakfast here is pretty awesome. Try a skillet breakfast and definitely try a fancy fresh toast creation.

Claremont offers so many other cute restaurants and small businesses right within walking distance. Plan a  visit to Claremont to give yourself a mini architecture tour, take a walk under shady trees and enjoy a day trip just 30 miles outside of LA.

Typical Claremont Architecture; Photo credit: Old House Online

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