Guide to Staying in On a Rainy Saturday

not leaving here


I had plans for a lunch date but it has been rain-checked. Outside, it’s cold and sad—yet I am oddly relieved. I get to do what I haven’t done in a long time: just stay inside and do nothing for the day. Here is my tiny guide to staying in bed or the couch:


This is Donald Glover’s new show and it’s so good. It’s about an up and coming rapper and his cousin (played by Donald Glover). There is a lot of fresh takes in the idea that we as a society glorify rap culture but at the same time marginalize the very same people who come from it. It’s also hilarious.


This is pretty much the heir to Game of Thrones for HBO and it definitely shows. So many A-list talent are in this, but more than that, it’s just awesome to watch. It’s a sci-fi-western series about a park with borderline sentient robots (that the park-goers can have sex with) so visitors can live out their fantasies where they pick a western adventure. You know a show is good when fan theories about what will happen start creeping upon the internet.

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

My roommate and I have concluded he’s funnier than Jon Stewart (although certainly not as good). I love the idea long-form segments about issues but with comedy thrown in.

Patrick Modiano

Modiano is a French writer and for the last six years, I’ve been trying to get English versions of his book. Usually it has been impossible. He was my best friend’s favorite writer and I once read one of his books in English I knew I needed to keep reading him. The one book from him, Villa Triste, has been impossible to find. I used to go to book stores and look for an old English version but never any luck. A couple years ago, he won the Nobel Prize and now his work is being translated and I finally have a copy of Villa Triste.


Yeah, I don’t like doing it, but I guess it’s time. It’s also the one productive thing I’ll do all day.

Hot Tub

This is probably like 40 minutes of relaxation right. Where my rubber ducky at?

Left Over Bon Chon

I can’t be bothered to cook or even order food. Bon Chon it is!

French Pressed Coffee

This is as handmade as coffee can get, and for that reason it tastes better. Grind the beans yourself, boil the water, put the grounded coffee in the press, add the boiling water, let it sit for a few minutes, then press down on the French press filter. Perhaps the act of creating coffee this way makes it more yours and more satisfying.

Talk to the One That Got Away

She’s halfway around the world now. She’s wishing guys there were like you. You’re going to want to open some wine.

Finish Off That Bottle of Wine You Opened Yesterday

Swirl swirl sip. Mmm vinegary!


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