Game On: Let’s Go Cubs!



After 108 years, the Chicago Cubs are finally in the World Series. More a basketball die-hard, I acknowledge I’m just a casual fan of baseball. I definitely do not have patience to watch baseball on TV (during the regular season) or worse listen to AM baseball radio. I do like attending an actual game though but specifically for the hot dogs, soda and an ice cream sundae stuffed in a mini baseball hat. What I lack in baseball knowledge, I surely make up in enthusiasm related to anything Chicago. Doesn’t matter how many years passed since my family moved to California, I remain a Chicago girl at heart. This Cubs’ World Series moment is huge for Chicago and as a Chicagoan, I’m feeling the excitement.

I am especially excited for Chicago Cub fans that have been waiting for this moment. I’m excited for the City of Chicago that I still love so much. My memories growing up in the mid-west are filled with fond moments that shaped who I am today. Since I was young, every time I come across a Cubs game on TV or read an article, I think of a family outing in the early 1980’s where we all went out to a Cubs game at Wrigley Field. Picture this random collection of new immigrants from the Philippines sitting far away from home plate, singing Take Me Out to the Ball Game. Even at young age, I felt the magic and history of Wrigley Field and Cubs fans’ energy.

Mostly though, this upcoming World Series  conjures love of my dear Lolo Ben cheering on the Cubs in his beloved snapback baseball hat. The Cubs were his team in his America. Lolo wore that hat proudly as he walked my sister and I to elementary school each morning or gardened in the backyard. When I close my eyes and think of my grandfather, he is wearing a Cubs hat.

I may not know much baseball stats or baseball strategy but I’m enjoying this series for all these die-hard Chicago fans that have been waiting for this moment. I’m savoring memories from over 30 years ago. And I’m watching for my Lolo Ben.

Let’s go Cubs!


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