TinyDeskWriters’ Guide To Selling Your Clothes in L.A.

Vintage Stores Galore in the LA Area


A few weeks ago, I organized and purged my closet using the Mari Kondo method. I divided my clothes that no longer “brought me joy” into two piles: 1) for donation and 2) attempt to sell. I spent so much money on pairs of jeans 10 years ago, I swore that I could somehow today capitalize on the whole vintage/retro/throwback trend. Through my closet cleanse, I notice how I still held on to NYC and Japanese brands from back in the day. Remember Triple 5 Soul? C’mon millennials, these brands were urban before urban became such a thing! Over the years I collected everything from jackets, t-shirts and shoes that I bought at NYC Sample Sales back to current stuff that just didn’t fit right any longer. Surely, one of the LA thrift/vintage store buyers would also appreciate my Hudson Jeans circa 2006.

Since I never sold to a consignment or vintage store, I asked Nina (my young, hip, knowledgeable fashion guru) for suggestions in LA where I could try and make some money. And with her advice, my journey mixed with humble juice began.

Wasteland-Los Angeles

Photo: laracked.com

Ever see that episode of Broad City where Abbi and Ilana attempt to sell clothes at Beacon’s Closet? The whole interaction between buyer and seller at one of these types of stores is legit. The buyer called my name to the counter and humility settled over me as she examined each piece of my clothing and selected and rejected my years of hard earned purchases. One particular Rachel Pally shirt did elicit a compliment from the Buyer. I am going to be truthful right here and admit I felt just a little cool at that moment because some 20-year old buyer validated a purchase I made five years ago. My World Trade Center T-tank top made the cut however my Hudson Jeans circa 2006 did not. Ladies- high waist jeans are in so save yourself the hipster’s lecture and don’t bring the bootcut in to sell.

Store credit or cash? I took the cash. $27

Crossroads Trading- Los Angeles

Photo: Yelp

With all the clothes Wasteland rejected, I carried my heavy box and walked right across the street to see if anything left might appeal to the Crossroads Trading buyer. Again, the same process of examining each piece of my clothing and ultimate judgment took place. Each piece goes into a “Want” pile or “Reject” pile. I will say though that Crossroads seemed to accept more of a range of clothing including workout gear so this might be a place to start the next time around. Yet again, the Hudson Jeans circa 2006 did not make the cut.

Store credit or cash? I took the cash. $17

Buffalo Exchange- Pasadena

Courtesy: Yelp

Initially, I told my self that if I made just $20 on a box of clothes that no longer brought me joy, I would be happy. Well the thought of making more money of course started me thinking and escalated my commitment to this little endeavor. I went home and did a re-evaluation of what else might be sellable in my closet. From my thorough I identified old gifts and belongings from ex boyfriends over the years- boots, handbags, sneakers, jackets. I took all these physical reminders and decided to see what kind of offers I could get this time around at Buffalo Exchange. Although I likely could have made more money on some of the handbags, the cleanse itself was cathartic. No more memories of mixed holiday joy and heartbreak in my apartment. While Buffalo Exchange did offer me the most money, I will say the Buyer kept it real straight up and slightly harsh with me as she examined some jackets I truly thought could possibly sell (you know, because I think anything circa 2006 is on the cusp of probably coming back in style). I was basically informed that while Buffalo Exchange is purchasing for winter fashion right now, the jackets I brought in look “out of date.” Noted.

Store credit or cash? I took the cash. $52

After Buffalo Exchange, I brought all the clothes that did not sell straight to Goodwill and made a donation. Cleaned my closet, made some money, did some good in the world and along the way let go of the heartbreak and memories. Long overdue, I finally accepted it was time to let go of the Hudson Jeans circa 2006 and start fresh.


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