A Letter to Time

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When Time isn’t around to remind you to make dinner, you end up scraping together your own Frankenstein dinner like this one: leftover rotisserie chicken, paired with watermelon cubes and a pack of raspberries that were on sale a couple of days ago.


Hi Time,

I hope this finds you well!

It’s been awhile since we last talked, and I’m not sure if you remember me… but it’s Nina, one of those kids you used to babysit a long time ago. Y’know, the one who used to nag you all the time to move faster and assume you’d always be there for me as I simultaneously matured at my own glacial pace? Yep, that one.

Well, I’m writing to tell you that I’m, uh, sorry about all of that. I was a brat for taking you for granted and shoving you to move faster. Could you please come back and hold my hand again? I promise, I’ll let you move at your own pace. Promise!

See, the truth is, I miss you. I miss when you were always on my side, when you let me get through everything I wanted to get through in any given day, when you let me:

  • Sleep in
  • Make and eat a proper breakfast/lunch/dinner/etc.
  • Eat dinner at a decent hour
  • Eat dinner at all
  • Read
  • Make sure I was caught up with my work

And I get it. I always nagged you to rush and go faster, and you finally did. But, er, I was wondering: could you actually slow down again?

I know it’s super annoying, but there’s this bully I’ve been encountering lately, and I could use a little help in defending myself against her. You might have remembered her from when I was younger – her name is Procrastination. She used to always try to get me to join her crew, but somehow with your help I was able to avoid getting sucked into her little trap of falling behind on my tasks. But as I got older, she somehow got in cahoots with this other girl, Distraction, and the two of them together really make for a dangerous combination.

Now, I know writing to ask you to babysit me again is wishful thinking, at best; I have a pretty good idea of what you’ll say to me in response to this silly request. And I know you’ve already taught me what I need to know to stand against troublemakers like Procrastination and Distraction (e.g. staying focused on the bigger picture in life, understanding that forgoing little things for the greater good pays off in the end, recognizing struggle and sacrifices as key ingredients in creating positive change, etc.).

But I guess I’m just writing to say this: I miss you, I appreciate you, and I never, ever mean to take you for granted – even if sometimes it seems that way. I wish you the best, and I hope we can re-connect again soon!




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