Discover Newport Beach: McDonald’s (?)

McDonald’s located on PCH, Newport Beach


A few storefronts down from the Newport Beach Ferrari dealership on Pacific Coast Highway, one can find a surprisingly tasty and affordable food establishment. This particular restaurant serves breakfast (24 hours even), lunch and dinner. Children love going here. Adults likely secretly love it only because this fast food chain is not exactly known for a healthy menu. What is this magical Newport place I speak of? McDonald’s.

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Sightseeing FiDi Without Ever Stepping Outside

Brookfield Plaza


What I’m most impressed about from the completion of the World Trade Center Transportation Hub isn’t that it’s this awe-inspiring architectural wonder with a price tag of $4-billion, but that it essentially links the Financial District (FiDi) from one end to another, allowing pedestrians to walk through the width of Downtown Manhattan entirely indoors. That means that when it’s too cold, too hot, too wet, too frozen, too whatever outside—you can still sightsee (or in my case, just get to work) through Downtown without ever stepping outside. Continue reading “Sightseeing FiDi Without Ever Stepping Outside”

Farewell My (So-Called) NYC Edge

How NYC has changed over the years. National September 11 Memorial.


Ten years ago I moved home to LA after living in New York City for almost six years. Transitioning to a life here in California was difficult. I didn’t want to give up my hard-earned skill sets which New Yorkers posses such as riding public transportation, walking (all the time), hailing a taxi, the hustle, bar/night life and even the sample sale battle moves. Admittedly, over these past years I have repeatedly been that annoying former New Yorker who always made somewhat obnoxious comparisons arguing New York City was far superior than LA. I was that annoying person who desperately wanted to ride LA city buses and subways to get around just to prove I didn’t need a car. I was that annoying person who complained about last call at 1:30am where in New York City, I could party to the sun came up. Continue reading “Farewell My (So-Called) NYC Edge”

Forty-Four Hours In Fire Island

Lonelyville, Fire Island


There are very few grocery stores in Fire Island. It is almost all beach houses on this narrow strip of land that parallels south of Long Island. From end to end, it is thirty-two miles long, but from its Atlantic Ocean side to the Long Island bay side, it’s only a five-minute walk. There are no room for streets—only sandy roads and wooden pathways. To make it out there, it’s best to bring all your food. Continue reading “Forty-Four Hours In Fire Island”

Music Festivals from a Pragmatist’s Perspective

VSCO Cam-6
How to do music festivals the chill way.


Ah, music festivals… places where foolish boys and girls dress foolishly to do foolish things and listen to, well, (mostly) foolish music.

In true grandma fashion, that ^^^ is the attitude I have had about music festivals for pretty much my entire life. For various reasons, I never really got into that whole scene during high school and college. The vice-laced culture of the environment pretty much scared the crap out of me as a high school kid, and I was too much of a cheapskate in college (read: #couldntaffordit) to blow tons of cash on two weekends of standing in crowds in loud places listening to less-than-par live performances by crazy-looking musicians.

But as I got older and built tougher skin (and my own source of expendable income), I decided I would go to at least one, just to see what the fuss was about. And you know what? With the right attitude and right group, the experience wasn’t so bad. Sure, there are a bunch of fools roaming around doing stupid things, but hey – if you sit back to people-watch, be present, and learn to appreciate live music, the whole thing can actually be really fun. It’s just a matter of being strategic and flexible going into the experience.

Here are some tips I’ve found to be useful when doing music festivals the chill, good-clean-fun way.

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My Version of the LA Food and Wine Festival

My Version of LA Food and Wine Festival Starts at RiceBar


Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival took place over the weekend right down the street from my apartment. I really did want to buy a ticket (especially because De La Soul was scheduled to perform on Saturday night). However, I just could not get over the ticket price. For the whole week, I went back and forth debating whether I could justify spending anywhere between $115-$175 for one (only 1) night of unlimited wine and food tastings from up and coming to well-known chefs. While I wanted to go, ultimately the practical me figured that for $150 I could create my own fake a$$ version of an LA Food and Wine Festival visiting different restaurants throughout the city for the entire weekend.

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It’s Like Butter Baby

All things butter, including Butter Cookies!


After reading Deo’s post last week, I figured out that I’m a fan of the Faileo diet too. My love of butter really contributes to my success rate. Yesterday, I wanted butter cookies so took a ride down to Little Tokyo just to eat cookies. Not just one either. I purposely got dressed, gassed up my car and drove about a mile to eat a cookie with a recipe that likely calls for 1 cup of butter. Holy cow. One (1) whole cup?

Previously, I dedicated a post to butter. Today, I dedicate a post to an extension of that love- Butter Cookies.

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