A More Perfect Union.

Photo Credit: Francine Orr/Los Angeles Times


Let me start by saying, this week has been hard for me. My world feels upside down and I feel as though I’m walking in a daze through clouds of confusion, hurt, anxiety, fear. I’m still trying to articulate my thoughts and research the current state of affairs around me. With the election, I found out half of this country doesn’t agree with my politics. With this election, I confirmed that half of this country has a different definition of a great America than me.

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Unqualified Bullet Points On the Election



I’m still trying (and will be for a long time) to gather all my thoughts on what just happened. Until I can fully grasp all of these things, I’m going to just start bullet pointing some of my unqualified thoughts.

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Looking to the Future



November 8th, 2016, 7:51PM

My Fellow Americans,

By the time you read this, we’ll have endured the nail-biting finale to this godforsaken thing we’ve unfortunately had to call Election 2016.

I – like many of you, I am sure – am watching the results roll in with a semi-permanent, blushing, wide-eyed emoji face… which, to be fair, would have been my face regardless of the results. We have endured months plagued with scandal and hateful, divisive rhetoric; to say that many of us feel like we’ve been stuck between a rock and a hard place throughout this whole year would be a serious understatement.

But as we enter this new era of… whatever we shall call it, I can’t help but wonder:

Where do we go from here?

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Discover Newport Beach: McDonald’s (?)

McDonald’s located on PCH, Newport Beach


A few storefronts down from the Newport Beach Ferrari dealership on Pacific Coast Highway, one can find a surprisingly tasty and affordable food establishment. This particular restaurant serves breakfast (24 hours even), lunch and dinner. Children love going here. Adults likely secretly love it only because this fast food chain is not exactly known for a healthy menu. What is this magical Newport place I speak of? McDonald’s.

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Things I’ve Read While Pretending to Work



For some people November is a slow month. In my job, we have a name for it: No-Work November. There are obvious and good reasons for this: along with the non-existent workflow, there are also days off like Election Day, Veterans Day, and Thanksgiving. That means November is a month with some serious downtime to spend on expanding your gut as preparation to take more food in the upcoming holidays; getting to know your coworkers better by throwing things at them when no-one is looking; and of course finding some interesting things to read. Continue reading “Things I’ve Read While Pretending to Work”

A Letter to Time

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When Time isn’t around to remind you to make dinner, you end up scraping together your own Frankenstein dinner like this one: leftover rotisserie chicken, paired with watermelon cubes and a pack of raspberries that were on sale a couple of days ago.


Hi Time,

I hope this finds you well!

It’s been awhile since we last talked, and I’m not sure if you remember me… but it’s Nina, one of those kids you used to babysit a long time ago. Y’know, the one who used to nag you all the time to move faster and assume you’d always be there for me as I simultaneously matured at my own glacial pace? Yep, that one.

Well, I’m writing to tell you that I’m, uh, sorry about all of that. I was a brat for taking you for granted and shoving you to move faster. Could you please come back and hold my hand again? I promise, I’ll let you move at your own pace. Promise!

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TinyDeskWriters’ Guide To Selling Your Clothes in L.A.

Vintage Stores Galore in the LA Area


A few weeks ago, I organized and purged my closet using the Mari Kondo method. I divided my clothes that no longer “brought me joy” into two piles: 1) for donation and 2) attempt to sell. I spent so much money on pairs of jeans 10 years ago, I swore that I could somehow today capitalize on the whole vintage/retro/throwback trend. Through my closet cleanse, I notice how I still held on to NYC and Japanese brands from back in the day. Remember Triple 5 Soul? C’mon millennials, these brands were urban before urban became such a thing! Over the years I collected everything from jackets, t-shirts and shoes that I bought at NYC Sample Sales back to current stuff that just didn’t fit right any longer. Surely, one of the LA thrift/vintage store buyers would also appreciate my Hudson Jeans circa 2006.

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