Another L.A. Summer is Here / It’s Really, Really Hot Here Pt. 2

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I learned how to make cocktails the other day.


This week we welcomed the first week of summer, and along with that came some stupidly high temperatures that have been making me wonder how I ever wore pants or a jacket or any cold-weather item of clothing ever in this sunny city.

Translation? It’s summer, it’s hot, I want to stay cool… and, adding onto that, I am very thirsty. Like, all the time.

But what to drink during this blistering heat wave? Water is obviously my drink of choice, but that’s kind of boring… so what about those times when I feel like being, well, not boring?

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Best Study Spots in L.A. Area

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I wish I could re-create this study environment again.


This past month I started to actively study for a test scheduled at the end of July. Since I don’t have a student ID card to access the local university libraries, I am in a constant quest to find a place to study where I can remain focused, motivated and inspired.

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A Letter to North Park


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Same sign, different vibe.

Dear North Park,

Hello. It’s me, Nina. You may not remember me – I don’t really think I gave you the time of day in my OLP days – but I remember you. And my, how you and your posse of shops have changed since high school.

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Running NYC By the Water

Brooklyn Bridge Park


One late afternoon during the summer of 2008, I decided that I’ve had enough of working at my first full time job as a clerk for the San Diego Superior Court. Right then, I gave a month resignation notice and told my boss I would be moving to New York in the fall. I bought a one-way ticket that night. I had finished college a couple years back and figured, what the heck, I’m young, why not? The only problem, besides not having any kind of plan or prospects, was that the day I arrived in New York was when all the banks started failing, resulting in the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. I remember thinking how beautiful the weather was in New York during the fall, and also… oops, what did I just do? Continue reading “Running NYC By the Water”

Ancient Egyptian Love Poetry at The Met

Photo from: Metropolitan Museum of Art



Somewhere in between the ancient monumental architecture, the enormous statues of gods and pharaohs, the stylized sculptures, reliefs, and carvings displayed at the Egyptian art section of The Met is a small, easily forgettable room. Most visitors pass through only to touch the tomb in the middle before continuing on their way, understandably, to see the grander pieces next door. But what’s displayed here, although certainly not as awe-inspiring, is perhaps equally as resplendent: “Romance along the Nile: Ancient Egyptian Love Poetry”. Continue reading “Ancient Egyptian Love Poetry at The Met”