who are the tinydeskwriters?

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We’re three cousins who recently decided to start a blog so we can share our thoughts about… well, anything we want, really. Collectively, we represent the Millennial, GenX, and Xennial generations; so while we share similar interests, you’ll see that our notes will represent a pretty mixed bag of different perspectives. Here’s what each of us have to say about ourselves.


I have all these ideas and stories circulating in my brain. This blog is my space to finally write about anything and everything. Since my two cousins and I share similar outlooks about the world, I found the perfect writing partners!

I honestly love the work I do but if I had other dream jobs I would own a stationery store, create just the opening credit scenes and graphics for movies, or think up themes and decorate restaurants, cafes, and bars.

My advice to my younger self: That saying “C’s get degrees” is a big mistake. C’s on your transcript lower your GPA. That lower GPA will hurt your graduate school applications and shatter dreams later. Trust me.


I’m a twenty-something-year-old female who is eating, hiking, and Uber/Lyfting her way through L.A.’s gastronomy, nature, fashion, and cultural scenes. Discovering cheap eats and hidden gems in the City of Angels is my jam, though I just as much enjoy staying at home to perfect my cooking/plating skills, too. (You can never have too many epic gourmet breakfast recipes, am I right?)

When I’m not grubbing at my neighborhood sushi spot, hiking through the hills of Griffith Park, or taking over my tiny kitchen to try that crazy new recipe I found on foodgawker, you can find me handling the logistics for a streetwear fashion company, figuring out how to make crazy creative types’ dreams become a reality. Some call the work creatively stifling; I call it a new opportunity to approach non-creative work, creatively.

As far as my writing perspective goes, my brain floats somewhere between right and left. I very often walk the line between creative and analytical, and I’m hoping to incorporate that strange sense of abstract articulation into each piece I share with you. Expect to see lots of pieces on lifestyle changes, food appreciation, random musical thoughts, and awkward fashion moments from me in the very near future.


Hi There! I’m Deo. I’m from San Diego, but now I live in New York. It’s not quite the beach, but I like taking long walks around the city. Here, I’ll be writing mostly nonsense, but hopefully some of it will be pretty.